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Chris Wheelus, PhD, LMFT, LPC 


1. Providing SUD Recovery to Church Members and Local Community

The presenters will describe how their church became aware of the need to address substance abuse in their congregation. Having a passion for serving their local community, in addition to its members, the church is taking big strides to expand its role in recovery later this year. The presenters, one of which holds a key leadership role at the church in this effort, will detail the need for substance abuse recovery in the congregation, the church’s role in de-stigmatizing the issues, and how the church’s new initiative will address the issue on a larger scale than in the past.

1.5 CE Hours 


2. A Human Trafficking Prevention Model

Human trafficking is a worldwide crisis that involves every type of abuse, including substance abuse. The presenters will present the model that the co- presenter developed for identifying and preventing child victims of trafficking and exploitation. The co-presenter’s years of experience using that model in Thailand, with recent outcome data, specifically addresses the problem at the family and community levels. The presenters discuss factors in trafficking and exploitation with corresponding prevention actions that address needs in family systems. The presenters detail how physical, psychological, and spiritual factors play out in day-to-day operations and highlight the transformation that participants have experienced.  

1.5 CE Hours


Chris has fifteen years of experience counseling in various settings: college/university, private practice, juvenile justice, K-12 school, and overseas. Prior to his counseling career, he lived overseas in five countries and still occasionally provides counseling to expats. He teaches fulltime for Liberty University and enjoys his growing family of 3 married children, one teen still at home, and 2 grandchildren.

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