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Debonee Morgan

Faith Track

Silence is Golden: The Importance of Contemplation, Prayer and Meditation in Recovery

Debonee Morgan is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Spiritual Director, and Executive Director of spiritual non-profit Zeitgeist. Her 20+ years of clinical experience includes therapy in a residential settings, as well as IOP and private practice support for substance abuse recovery. She completed Spiritual Direction certification at Stillpoint Center for Christian Spirituality in Pasadena, California. Debonee was also honored to be a graduate of the inaugural cohort of The Living School at Richard Rohr's Center for Action and Contemplation, earning a certificate in Contemplative and Non-Dual Consciousness.


As the founder and Executive Director of Zeitgeist, Debonee teaches and creates curriculum for Spiritual Direction Training, and workshops designed for education and community building for Atlanta's interfaith and spiritually independent seekers. ​Debonee is an active member of Spiritual Directors International, teaching at multiple conferences, and as a contributing writer for their publication, "Presence". She is active within Atlanta's interfaith community, including leading a monthly Interfaith Contemplative group, and conducting workshops for various faith organizations. Debonee is a founding member of Spiritual Directors of Atlanta, and enjoys helping to engage a vibrant community of creative and passionate spiritual companions. Workshop & Presentation


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