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Jesse Heffernan, RCP HCEP

Addiction Track

Exploring New Approaches: Healing Centered Engagement

Jesse Heffernan is a person in long-term recovery, CCAR Recovery Coach Professional, and Certified Healing Centered Engagement Practitioner. Throughout his professional career, he has worked as the Program Director of the Iris Place, one of Wisconsin’s mental

health peer-run mental health respite facilities, the Outreach and Empowerment Coordinator for Faces & Voices of Recovery, and Program Leader for Goodwill NCW LGBTQ+ Youth Services. In 2015, he co-launched an internationally recognized training and consulting business called Helios Recovery Services LLC. In addition to his work at Helios, he currently serves as the Co-Chair of  The Privilege Institute, Vice-Chair of Rise Together, and sits on the committee for the International Association of Recovery Coach Professionals. He lives in WI with his partner and 4 children, enjoying all things in geek culture, basketball, and coffee. It is his belief that Recovery is the process of returning to inherent worth and dignity.

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