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Jim Seckman, M.Div., MAC, CACII, CCS

Recognizing Addiction in the Congregation

Whether or not we would like to believe it, a percentage of your congregation is struggling with addiction issues (either for themselves or a loved one). It is imperative to be aware of and understand the characteristics and symptoms of addictive disorders and addictive thinking. This workshop will assist pastors and lay ministers in recognizing and understanding what they are experiencing with parishioners and how to address the issues initially.

3.0 CE Hours

Jim Seckman, M.Div., MAC, CACII, CCS has over 30 years experience in the field of addiction treatment in a variety of settings. He is currently a Substance Abuse Counselor with Positive Impact Health Centers. He has served as the Spiritual Life Director, CEO and Clinical Director of MARR, Executive Director of Breakthru House, and Coordinator for Addiction Services at Emory Hospital. Jim’s goal for training is to equip participants with the skills necessary to provide competent and meaningful support to individuals and families. 

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