Reverend Dr. Canzada Twyman, CAADC, CCS, MATS

Faith Track

Belief, Behavior and Belonging: The 3Bs to Spirituality & Recovery

Canzada Twyman (Cea) is a native Washingtonian, a U.S. Army Veteran, and a Survivor who is joyfully married to one man. A learned women who has obtained a Doctorate in Religious Philosophy, Master of Human Service, and a Bachelor of Science. She holds various international and national certifications within the mental/behavior health arena, Serving 26 + years. This Woman of God is a Published Author, Co-Author, Professional Clinical Counselor, Spiritual Life Coach, Motivational/Inspirational Public Speaker, and Conference/Workshop Host. This Trailblazer is a Mover, a Shaker, and a True History Maker!