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Pamela Morgan, MBA,BHS, CADC, CPRM

Faith Track

Put the Mask On Yourself First

Pamela Morgan, MBA/BSHS/CADC/CPRM is a nationally known trainer and substance abuse professional - providing services since 1993. She is the owner of KEY INSIGHTS, LLC., an approved professional development training provider with the Michigan Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (MCBAP) as well as Certification Boards in Iowa, Illinois, and Georgia - Currently offering more than 20 training topics via ZOOM.


She is available for in-service staff trainings as well. Best known for her training Toxic Relationships: Another Addiction, she develops and facilitates various topics including Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse, Compulsive Eating: My Friend Food is Turning on Me, Addiction to Crime, Enhancing Motivation for Change, Recovery Relapse and the 12 Steps and Addiction in the Church. With 30 years of personal recovery, over 26 years of experience working with treatment, prevention, correctional and adolescent populations, and close to three decades of providing professional development training, Morgan offers a wealth of personal and professional insight and experience.

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