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Welcome to AIIR!


We are delighted that you could join us for this exciting learning opportunity. The tagline for the Southeastern Institute on Chemical Dependency (SICD) is "Understanding is a fountain of life to those that have it ...." ~Proverbs 16:22 This could not be more appropriate for the Annual Inter-faith Institute on Recovery and our collaboration with the Southeast Addiction Technology Transfer Center (SATTC).  It is our second institute in collaboration with SATTC to helping faith leaders bridge secular and spiritual communities in treatment and recovery and we think we have created a premier conference to meet this goal.


SICD grew out of a recognized need for sound addiction education that addresses the needs of clergy and members of congregations and communities throughout the southeast who are called upon to assist those whose lives are impacted by substance abuse and addiction. Training provided by AIIR approaches addiction as a disease, not a moral failing, and recovery as a long, ongoing process.


SATTC is excited about this opportunity to collaborate with SICD to impact communities of faith through this learning opportunity.  At SATTC, we believe that “recovery is real, and treatment does work” and that communities of faith play a vital role in healing individuals suffering with substance use disorders. Our vision is to transfer technology to faith leaders, increase the SUD workforce capacity within faith settings and increase assessment, referral and engagement to care. We have worked diligently to equip communities of faith with the resources and tools that they need to be catalyst for change in their congregations and the communities that they serve. Through the development of SUD products and trainings faith leaders have become more knowledgeable and lives have been impacted.


By having each of you join us on this journey of learning, we will continue to bring awareness to SUDs, reduce the stigma associated with the disease and empower communities in understanding treatment and recovery.


We look forward to collaborating with you during the Institute!

Kelly Michael Moselle, MS, MA, CAC II, CMAC, CCS, CMATS, CAMS II

Substance Abuse Recovery Specialist   

Southeastern Institute on Chemical Dependency


Dawn Tyus, PhD, LPC, MAC, NCC

Southeast ATTC

About SATTC & SICD: About


Board Chair, Southeast Institute on Chemical Dependency


Dawn Tyus, PhD, LPC, MAC, NCC

Director, Southeast Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network

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