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Denice Colson, Ph.D., LPC, MAC, CPCS, CCS, DAAETS

Executive Director

Eagle's Landing Christian Counseling Center, Inc.

Ethical Integration of Spirituality in Counseling: Emerging Issues, Potential Conflicts, and Practice Guidelines 

Psychotherapy has ignored and sometimes feared, spirituality in the counseling relationship. A new emphasis on spiritual integration has emerged, led by, but not limited to, Christian integration. Christian integrationists have built entire post-graduate psychology and counseling programs around integrating psychology and theology. Other spiritual integrations include Buddhism, Wicca, Native American religions, and many others. This workshop will review the ethical codes of leading mental health organizations related to spiritual integration, various models for integrating spirituality and counseling, and the history of Christian integration in mental health. 

We will also discuss emerging issues and potential ethical struggles to form ethical decision-making models to resolve or avoid possible conflicts. I do not presume to have the answers to all the questions. Still, we will discuss and perhaps even debate some possible scenarios and actual cases. As I am most familiar with Christian integration, this will be our primary focus but will not exclude other spiritual integrations. 
The plan is to foster discussion and communication. At the same time, the presenter will teach using materials, research, and her thoughts and ideas. You will NOT be expected to “check your values at the door.” Still, we will expect each person to share their values regarding spirituality respectfully and thoughtfully or/and listen with respect as other participants share their values regarding spirituality. The truth about psychotherapy is that if you interview ten therapists about a single case, you will likely get ten opinions. All opinions are welcome but understand that we will most likely leave respectfully disagreeing. Does that sound like fun? Then sign up today!


Goals and Objectives
At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Identify five views about spiritual integration among psychotherapists and religious leaders.
2. Review the ethical guidelines of ACA, AMHCA, and NASW regarding integrating spirituality and psychotherapy.
3. Discuss an ethical decision-making model for spirituality in counseling and social work.

6.0 Ethics CE Hours


Dr. Denice Colson is trained as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor, who has contributed to the counseling field since 1982. She is the author of Stop Treating Symptoms and Start Resolving Trauma! Inside-Out Healing for Survivors of ALL Types and “Break EVERY Stinking Chain! Healing for Hidden Wounds”. She is a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor through the LPCA of Georgia. She takes a limited number of clients and speaks at luncheons, seminars and other group functions. Visit her training, speaking and supervision site at . She is a State Approved DUI Evaluator and Treatment Provider. Also, a Prime Solutions provider, and Certified BrainTek Practitioner.

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