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Rev. Dr. Jon Sullivan

 A Human Trafficking Prevention Model

Human trafficking is a worldwide crisis that involves every type of abuse, including substance abuse. The presenters will present the model that the co- presenter developed for identifying and preventing child victims of trafficking and exploitation. The co-presenter’s years of experience using that model in Thailand, with recent outcome data, specifically addresses the problem at the family and community levels. The presenters discuss factors in trafficking and exploitation with corresponding prevention actions that address needs in family systems. The presenters detail how physical, psychological, and spiritual factors play out in day-to-day operations and highlight the transformation that participants have experienced.  

1.5 CE Hours

 Jon has years of experience as a pastor, pastoral counselor, missionary, and now assistant professor at Shorter University. Jon and his wife founded the Global Relief Association for Crises & Emergencies, Inc (GRACE) in 2012. GRACE is an anti-trafficking organization operating in the US and Asia. Jon enjoys spending time with his wife, grown children, grandchildren, and his King Charles Cavalier. 

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